Friday, 29 July 2011

'Your rape culture is not my religion.'

Are we really following the Shariah? Are we even living in an Islamic Republic?
Do I need a fatwah in order to keep my dog? I ask why, why do we add so much complications to our belief?

Quoted form Sana Saleem's blog;

'Anchor: One blaringly obvious problem with the Hudood law was the need to present four witnesses in order to convict a rapist, failure to do so resulted in the arrest of the woman on charges of confession to adultery, that was the main issue. 
Munawar Hasan: What is the problem in that?' 

Anchor: The problem is this sir, that according to the 2003 national commission status of women report 80 per cent women were forced to languish in jails because of inability to produce witnesses of their rape. 
Anchor: Sir, are you suggesting that a woman should stay silent after she is raped? That she should not report the crime?
Munawar Hasan: I am saying she should keep quiet if she has no witnesses. If she has witnesses then she should present them

Munawar Hasan makes up for the lack of substance in his argument by accusing the anchor of speaking against the word of God, he then goes thus far as asking the anchor to read the ‘kalima’ and declare his faith. The anchor concludes the argument by suggesting that Islamic laws pertaining to rape should be respected but in the presence of facilities such as forensic study we should not refrain from conviction.'

I hope one day we are mature enough to take extremists like Munawwar Hasan to the court. 


  1. But ofcourse! There is no plausible explanation for speaking against God in the "Islamic" Republic of Pakistan. Munawar Hasan might even be of the opinion that the anchor lady should be made an example of exactly what the Hudood Ordinance is capable of.

  2. Exactly. I wonder how they have so many supporters of Jamat-e-Islami!

  3. I used to like J.I because the are the only party taking out rallies and protests against the real issues.
    Seems as if no one's got their minds in their right place.
    Nice, eye opening, thought provoking post=D

  4. Every religion or moral law structure needs to undergo certain reviews...they have to be in sync with the times...

    Nice post...

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