Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Accidental death of a Mullah.

I belong to that part of the world where drone attacks, suicide bombing and target killing is a part of the daily routine. I belong to that place where there is no concept of freedom of speech and no one dares to offend the ‘father of the nation, Altaf Bhai’.
I belong to that group who would care about Ivy League Schools, Harry Potter, branded clothes but would not go out and protest on energy crises, target killing and other issues.
I belong to a conservative society where gang rape is acceptable and considered to be ‘the victim’s fault’ but alcohol is strictly forbidden, sometimes not even in aftershaves.
I belong to that society in which the President celebrates his birthday in Dubai after taking a godamn notice of the target killings. I hate how the Shea/Sunni, Pathan/ Mahajir issues are never ending.  
I belong to that society where we manage to convince ourselves for a better secure future.  I love how we manage to bring some unity, no matter how messed up the situation is.

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  1. Sometimes, ignorance is a blessing.
    Sometimes, it's easier to turn the blind eye and enjoy some Harry Potter craziness while people are dying on the streets.
    Maybe being from that certain class is a curse. But just realizing your obligation is the first step, you know. :) Lovely.