Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Sometimes I feel bad for the TV reporter who was refused a 5 minute long interview with our very own cricket superstar, Shahid Afridi. I wonder how nice it would have been if the oh-so-busy Mr. Afridi would have taken out some time for the poor journalist and let him take the interview leaving enough dough for the reporter to buy Eid clothes for his kids.

Sometimes I feel bad about the old chowkidar (security guard) outside my apartment building, who has to, or maybe even wants to, work till his last breath and is not aware about any such thing as a retirement or holidays. I wonder how some economical equality would give him peace of some sort.

Sometimes I feel bad about the kid who was sleeping on the footpath, who rests his head on his chappal (sandal). I wonder how glad he would be if we would let him celebrate Eid by taking out some money from our budget of branded clothes.

Sometimes I feel bad about the socially challenged individuals. I wonder how hard it would be for the self centered human beings to give them a chance to smile. .

Sometimes I feel bad about the people who are ignorant enough to ignore the phrase ‘EVERY PENNY COUNTS’, who turn a deaf year to someone who invites them for a good cause. I wonder how surprising it would be if people would stop being so materialistic.

Sometimes I feel bad about the people who whine all the time. I wonder how nice it would be if we care to realize the Almighty’s uncountable blessings

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Away laughing on a fast Camel.

According to a report issued by the Human Right Commission of Pakistan 1,138 people were killed in Karachi during the first six months of 2011.
Statistics released from the World Bank states that poverty rate has reached to an alarming 40 %.
Citizen Police Liaison Committee says that every month 3000 cell phones are snatched or stolen in Karachi.
We might be well aware about these alarming figures, but did you know that Pakistanis spend the highest amount of GDP per Capita on Donations?
We talk about corruption, illiteracy, poverty, economical crises but why don’t we ponder about the good things of our Motherland?
How can you not love my people who serve thousands of Muslims with Iftar on the roads of Karachi?
I ask, how can you not be inspired by young entrepreneurs like Monis Rehman who continue to invest and introduce the economy to new business markets?
A lot of our country’s present crisis can be resolved if we stop whining about each and every godam thing that is related to it.

Because I love her.