Saturday, 1 October 2011

Day 7: Fantasy.

'I remember the last time I was happy - truly happy.

It was when I took a silly photo of myself with curly wet hair with a green T-shirt on, one hand on my chin and eyes sparkling mischief. That photograph was a flicker. A flicker of happiness. It came too late and it ended too quickly. Just like fireworks. You anticipate them all evening, looking at the sky and when you almost give up hope, they shoot some and the whole sky turns into the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. But just when your eyes get used to the amazement and you begin to believe in magic, it leaves you with a dark night, and stenchful smoke. Your head spins with the smell of the smoke and your eyes are still not accustomed to the dark yet so you can't even find your way back home.

It's like that. It's a wonderful idea. Your fantasy is perfect and everyone plays along but when it becomes real, it all goes away - just like the fireworks.

I hate fireworks.'
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