Monday, 26 September 2011

Day 3: Reasons To Love Life.

Quoted from Baakh Nusrat's blog:

Life holds so many priceless things- The wind whipping across your face on a roller coaster,
That random smile from a stranger, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, that one text from a person that pretty much makes your day, the standing on the balcony and watching the sun rise, the sip of water after a long soccer practice, knowing that people actually count on you,looking at old photo albums, accompanied with the "ooohs" and "awws", the smell of freshly laundered clothes, making footprints in the sand and watching them wash away, waiting for an eternity and getting the perfect snapshot, hearing that song on the radio, laughing until it hurts, knowing exactly what your best friend is talking about and shooting those furtive glances, waking up and knowing you still have a few hours to sleep, the cold side of the pillow, finding some spare change in that old pair of jeans, being yourself and actually being liked for it, freshly shaved legs, proving someone wrong, de javu, finding out someone you like, likes you too, walking barefoot on grass, wearing that same pair of jeans for 3 straight days, watching an old cartoon and still be able to recall all the lines, reading magazines in other languages and realizing you actually understand bits, getting lost in New York city, missing a plane, random notes, getting your homework done way before its due, wearing two different socks, being in love for the very first time, rereading a good book, . . . Trying to find reasons to love life :)