Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Away laughing on a fast Camel.

According to a report issued by the Human Right Commission of Pakistan 1,138 people were killed in Karachi during the first six months of 2011.
Statistics released from the World Bank states that poverty rate has reached to an alarming 40 %.
Citizen Police Liaison Committee says that every month 3000 cell phones are snatched or stolen in Karachi.
We might be well aware about these alarming figures, but did you know that Pakistanis spend the highest amount of GDP per Capita on Donations?
We talk about corruption, illiteracy, poverty, economical crises but why don’t we ponder about the good things of our Motherland?
How can you not love my people who serve thousands of Muslims with Iftar on the roads of Karachi?
I ask, how can you not be inspired by young entrepreneurs like Monis Rehman who continue to invest and introduce the economy to new business markets?
A lot of our country’s present crisis can be resolved if we stop whining about each and every godam thing that is related to it.

Because I love her.


  1. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH HRK HAHAHAHA. She's so pretty, dammit.
    On a serious note, YESYESYES. Need to think positive. I mean, Pakistani spending the highest amount of GDP per Capita on Donations is extremely BADASS. Go greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

  2. HHAAHAHAHHHAHA! Loser ho tum shery :P

  3. ... i think i have a crush on her.

  4. Pakistan For the Win. :D
    I so agree to this post. The other day I was going through World Records earned by Pakistan and was surprised to find so many of them. Sigh, why doesn't our media show these achievements?

  5. Hahahah she's pretty. :P And I agree with you. We just need to think in a positive and hence more constructive direction to make the best of what we have.

  6. u got an eye of an optimist gurl...;)
    i just followed you..i hope you follow bak:)

  7. HAYE shess just sooooo gorgeous....